• Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC)

    No. Project Title From To
    1 Development of Roll-to-plate Hot Embossing Processing Technology and Equipment for Precision Functional Micro/nanostructures on Glass (GHP/142/19SZ) 2020 2022
    2 Investigation of a Novel Diamond Coating Process of Hot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition (HFCVD) for Difficult-to-cut Materials (ITS/246/18FX) 2019 2021
    3 Development of Intelligent Fluid Jet-Array Polishing Equipment for Post-Process Finishing of 3D Printed Complex Surfaces (ITS/076/18FP) 2018 2021
    4 Optical Drone Detection based on 3D Light Field Technology (ITS/209/17FX) 2018 2020
    5 Development of Facilities and Fabrication Process used in Micro-embossing of Precision Glass Optical Microstructures (GHP/043/14SZ)
    [Guangdong - Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme]
    2016 2018
    6 Development of Light Field Microscopic Imaging and Analyzing System (ITS/316/15FX) 2016 2018
    7 The Development of Environmentally Friendly Packaging Technology with Anti-counterfeiting Function and 3D Optical Effects (ITS/356/14) 2015 2017
    8 Research and Development of Ultra-precision Mechanical and Plasma Hybrid Polishing Technology and Equipment for Machining Super Hard Materials (GHP/031/13SZ)
    [Guangdong - Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme]
    2014 2017
    9 Development of an Adaptive Intelligent 3D Stereoscopic Imaging and Analyzing System based on a Monocular Snapshot Plenoptic Camera (ITS/339/13) 2014 2016
    10 Research and Development of the Equipment and Process for High Efficiency Ultra-precision Machining of High-performance Titanium Alloys (GHP/044/12SZ)
    [Guangdong - Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme]
    2013 2016
    11 Design and Development of a Novel Compound Eye System based on High Definition 3D Lossless Digital Imaging Technology (ITS/338/12) 2013 2015
    12 Research and Development of Manufacturing Equipment and Processing Technology for Ultra-precision Rollers Embossing of Advanced Optical Products (GHP/045/10SZ)
    [Guangdong - Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme]
    2011 2014
    13 Development of Bulk Metallic Glass Moulds for High Precision Optical Products (ITS/118/10) 2011 2012
    14 Development of a Process Modelling and Optimization System for Supporting Design and Fabrication of Advanced Freeform Progressive Plastic Lenses for Optometric Applications (ITS/389/09) 2010 2012
    15 The Development and Fabrication of Biomimetic Structures for the Self-cleaning Plastic Plate (ITS/390/09) 2010 2011
    16 Design and Development of Compatible Optical Pick-up Head for Blu-ray and China Blue High Definition Disc (ITS/256/09) 2009 2011
    17 Development of Capability in Supporting the Design and Manufacture of Superfinished Orthopaedic Implants for Bio-medical Applications (GHP/052/06)
    [Guangdong - Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme]
    2007 2009
    18 Development of Design and Manufacturing Capability of Micro Lenses for Zoom Cameras used in Mobile Phones (ITS/126/06) 2007 2008
    19 Design and Fabrication of HID and LED Lighting System for Automotive Illumination (GHS/073/04)
    [Guangdong - Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme]
    2005 2008
    20 The Development of Design and Manufacturing Capability of Freeform Optical Elements and Optical Microstructures for Photonics and Telecommunication Products (ITS/201/01) 2002 2005
    21 Establishment of an Ultra-precision Machining Centre for the Precision Mould & Optics Industries 1995 1999

  • Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC)

    No. Project Title From To
    1 Theoretical Modelling and Analysis of Material Removal Characteristics and Surface Generation in Shape-Adaptive Multi-Jet Polishing of Ultra-Precision Freeform Surfaces (15200119) 2020 2022
    2 A Novel Magnetic Field System for Improving Machinability of Difficult to Cut Materials in Ultra-precision Machining (15212518) 2019 2021
    3 Deep Gaussian Process-based Bayesian Inference System for Intelligent Surface Metrology (15202717) 2018 2021
    4 Virtual Spindle based Trans-scale Tool Servo Diamond Cutting of Hierarchical Optical Surfaces (E-PolyU502/17)
    [European Union - Hong Kong Research and Innovation Cooperation Co-funding Mechanism by the RGC]
    2018 2021
    5 A Novel Diamond Cutting System for Generation of Hierarchical Micro/nano-structures (15202117) 2017 2020
    6 An Encoded-light-based Autostereoscopic Metrology System for In-situ Measurement of Three Dimensional (3D) Structured Surfaces (15202315) 2016 2019
    7 Fiducial-Aided Calibration and Positioning System for Precision Manufacturing of Ultra-precision Freeform Surfaces (15202814) 2014 2018
    8 Modelling and Optimization of Surface Generation in the Computer Controlled Ultra-precision Polishing (CCUP) of Three Dimensional Structured Surfaces (513211) 2012 2015
    9 3D Modelling and Measurement of Tool Wear in Ultraprecision Raster Milling (528710) 2010 2014
    10 A Study of Electropulsing Treatment on Machinability of Heat Treatable Alloys in Ultra-precision Diamond Turning (531609) 2009 2013
    11 Effect of Cutting Strategy on Surface Structural Changes in Ultra-precision Raster Milling of Heat-treatable Alloys (529108) 2008 2011
    12 Generic Form Characterization of Ultra-precision Freeform Surfaces Using an Intrinsic Feature-based Pattern Analysis (514108) 2008 2011
    13 Modeling the Size Effect in Ultra-precision Machining by Using Multi-scale Plasticity Approach (520707) 2008 2010
    14 Nano-surface Generation in Ultra-precision Freeform Polishing of Superfinished Orthopaedic Implants 2007 2009
    15 Characterisation of Optical Microstructures Using Pattern and Feature Parametric Analysis 2006 2009
    16 Stress Induced Microstructural Changes in the Ultra-precision Machining of Heat-treatable Alloys (528306) 2006 2009
    17 Non-local Crystal Plasticity Modeling of the Size Effect in Ultra-precision Machining 2006 2008
    18 Modelling and Optimization of Surface Generation in the Fast Tool Servo (FTS) Machining of Optical Microstructures for Advanced Optics Manufacturing 2006 2007
    19 Mesoplasticity Analysis of Limit Strains in Micro Sheet Metal Forming 2004 2006
    20 Prediction of Nano-surface Generation in Fast Tool Servo (FTS) Machining of Optical Microstructures 2004 2006
    21 A Study of Micro-flow Control for Moulding Micro Optics and Surgical Parts 2004 2006
    22 Predictive Characterization of Material Swelling and its Effect on Surface Generation in Single-Point Diamond Turning 2003 2006
    23 Characterisation of Surface Quality for Ultra-precision Multi-axis Non-conformal Machining of Freeform Optical Surfaces 2003 2005
    24 Structural Evolution and Phase Transformation in Nanostructural Zn-A1 Alloys 2003 2004
    25 Modelling and Simulation of Surface Generation in Ultra-precision Multi-axis Raster Milling of Freeform Surfaces 2003 2003
    26 Mesoplasticity Analysis of Micro-cutting Force Variation in Single-Point Diamond Turning 2002 2006
    27 Development of a Virtual Machining System for Ultra-precision Diamond Turning 2001 2004
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