Precision Metrology Equipment and Instrumentation

Multi-sensor Coordinate Measuring System
– WerthVideoCheck UA

Optical Profiling System
– Wyko NT8000

Measurement System
– Form TalySurf Series 2

Laser Interferometric Non-contact Profiler System
– Zygo

3D Optical Measuring System
– Alicona IFM G4

Measurement System
– Form TalySurf PGI 1240

Optical Profiling System
– New Zygo NexView

Besides, the laboratory is also equipped with the following measurement instruments:
• Optikos QC bench MTF Measuring System
• Konica Minolta Chroma-meter – CS-200
• Sindatek Optical Video-based Contact Angle Meter – 100SB
• Hitachi Tabletop Microscope – TM3000
• Parks Systems Atomic Force Microscope – XE 70

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